Thursday, February 28, 2013

Slice of Life: Take 7

 powdered dogs / big fat flakes / more snow than we have had in a long while / silly and wonderful cat

This week has been a weird one, but a good one too. Yesterday was my birthday and while I was looking forward to it and it was enjoyable for the most part, I was just off all day and didn't do the best job of making the most of it. It's okay though, for there is always today to start fresh. Yesterday was the first time Iz left the house without me as well. E brought her along to pick up our Thai food and I enjoyed some alone time at home. I was able to relax knowing that she was enjoying some time with her Dad and meeting the owner of our favorite restaurant, and I had thirty minutes to myself to do whatever I chose without worry that Iz would need me. Even when E spends time with her at home, it is hard to fully relax because she often begins getting upset and her mama radar goes off, causing her to only settle when we are back together. And of course if she needs me I want to be there, so I hurry to finish my bath or my project and go back into mama-mode. So, as you can imagine, those thirty minutes to myself were quite the treat. My focus turned to putting together our seed order and choosing a new lens for my camera. I do enjoy all of the time with my girl, but E and I both agreed that we will have to do this more often. The adventures must be short right now due to her still frequent nursing, but as the months and years go on I look forward to them having time together, just the two of them. I think that is really important and something we will all grow to enjoy in our own ways. 

Other highlights of the day were E taking the day off so we could all spend it together and voicemails and videos from some of my favorite kids. Oh, and I also enjoyed having a few minutes to clean up around the house way more than I probably should have.



  1. Sounds like you got some much needed "me" time! As you know, self-care helps you better care for Isadora. PS- That looks like the snow that's on it's way to us in Halifax. It's strange how I can see photos from the same storm on your blog. It's a small world... Oh, and your fur babies are looking mighty cute in that first photo!

  2. Maybe it was a weird week but you can't tell from the photos. They're beautiful. I love the snow and the first pic is great!

  3. So funny about the weather. And thank you! They really like the snow, especially Lilly May. She's a husky/chow mix and loves the fluffy white stuff way more than her mama.