Wednesday, February 27, 2013

28 for 28

Today I begin my 28th year and with that in mind I would like to set some goals and intentions. Last year was full of so many changes and I look forward to finding a new kind of normal in the year to come. So, here are 28 goals and intentions for my 28th year, some serious, some simple, but all important.

  1. Finish my first quilt. Seriously, just get it done.
  2. Learn to crochet. I love to knit, but want to diversify.
  3. Have a simple and fun little birthday party for our girl come September.
  4. Focus on seeing my family and friends more by planning ahead and making dates.
  5. Go camping at least once with my girl and my love.
  6. Work on having a more productive garden than last year. 
  7. Make it a point each month to do something kind for someone else just because.
  8. Focus on my health by eating well and taking care of my body and be a good example for our girl in that way.
  9. Tell myself I am beautiful and strong each and every day even when it is hard.
  10. Simplify our home by organizing, de-cluttering  cleaning, and giving away what we don't truly need or want. The garage too.
  11. Make our bedroom beautiful, comfy and peaceful.
  12. Redo our little bathroom off our bedroom.
  13. Eat either a salad or smoothie every day.
  14. Walk lots.
  15. Visit my sister at least 2 times in her town.
  16. Visit my brother at least 2 times in his town.
  17. Write every day even if it is just a single thought, put it down on paper and let it breathe and have room to grow.
  18. Make yoga a part of my life again.
  19. Teach our girl baby sign language to aid in our communication.
  20. Breathe. Just Breathe. Often and with the intention of finding calm in the every day.
  21. Make it a point to give each of our four furry ones a little one on one time and love whenever I can.
  22. Let my fella know how much I love and appreciate him each and every day.
  23. Do something each week to challenge myself and to help myself grow. 
  24. Have my hair cut. Simple, but necessary.
  25. Go swimming with I and E. At a pool perhaps, but hopefully somewhere more natural too.
  26. Go hiking with I and E. We didn't do much of this last year and it keeps me feeling balanced.
  27. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones and work on my confidence in that way. This is a work in progress, but that single action should help tremendously.
  28. Laugh, and don't take life too seriously.
This one is being printed and hung on the wall with a marker close by. Watch out 28, I'm coming after you!

Do you make any yearly goals or intentions? Are you into those of the new years, birthday, or some other kind of variety? 



  1. Happy Birthday! To a wonderful, goal accomplishing, year!!

  2. Happy Birthday Sara! I am all for #5, #7 & #8-10 on your list. Oh, how I miss camping so much. Do you guys have a tent?

  3. Happy happy birthday! I hope you've had a wonderful day celebrating! This is such a good list...if I had to make my own, I think at least half of these things would be on it as well, especially 20 and 22. :)

  4. Thanks Janelle. We do have a tent, but might need to look into getting a bigger one now that we'll have Izzy along.

  5. Thank you Emily. The breathing really does make such a difference. Sometimes I just have to stop and breathe and recenter myself and when I do the day goes along much more smoothly from that point forward.

  6. I hope it will help to make this year a good one! :)