Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving Forward

Knitted Ball for My Girl

I know Christmas is long gone, but without time to sit and write I have not had time to really process it all. What it really comes down to is that I loved that we had our little lady here to celebrate with this year, but I am really glad that it's over. We wanted to see family, but traveling an hour each way with a baby who doesn't really dig the car seat and really only wants to sleep while nursing is a recipe for disaster. She did fall asleep in E's lap for a total of maybe five minutes, but other than that the day was a bit of a struggle. Unfortunately almost everyone there was also sick, so the two of us kept her to ourselves and tried to keep her happy, and luckily we all came out on the other end without catching any bugs of our own. I know next year will be very different, but we are also going to think ahead and decide how we want to do things and to try to find a balance in how our time is spent. Sure, we would like to see everyone and will make sure that we do, but we know we don't want to spend every single holiday driving to and fro and not spending much time together at home. I can only imagine that feeling will increase as Iz grows and we add more children to the flock. Right now we are just taking it year by year, holiday by holiday, and being thankful this one has been put behind us, with the next one not being until Easter, when babies will be older, noses will be less sniffly, and the air will have less of a chill. 

How about you? Are you glad to move on to the next thing or are you wishing the holidays could last a little longer? 

Here's to a new year and to all of the wonderful things that are to come while we enjoy spending our days together and watching Iz take it all in.



  1. I hear you!! Our first Christmas with Reece was the same. He was only nine weeks and it was all just too much for both of us. We only have one family to visit, a 30 minute drive, still too much. The second Christmas was much better, so hang in there. We really enjoyed the slow pace of our holidays, but I am happy to get back to routine.

  2. i can only imagine the chaos - we opted out of the big holiday visit this year with my family because it would have meant a 5 hour drive each way with a 3 week old woodrow. talk about a recipe for mega stress and tears on all our parts! i do look forward to rejoining the big broohaha next year though when the little mister will be aware of his surroundings somewhat more.

  3. Yes, I do believe the years to come will be much more manageable and enjoyable. I only wish our society was more comfortable with breastfeeding, for Iz would have been happy if she could just sit there and nurse the entire time without us being off in a different room (I would have at my moms but this was at E's families house and it would have been less ideal) and we all would have been happy to have her happy. I'm just glad to have it behind us, to have enjoyed what we could, and to put the rest behind us. Your holidays sounded lovely and I'm glad you had that time together. There definitely is something to be said for routine though, I agree.

  4. You are wise to wait for next year, especially with him so young. I probably would have done the same if Iz was still that tiny. It will definitely be more fun for Woodrow and Izzy next year. I'm looking forward to that one! :)