Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adventurous Extremes

After a day full of warm rays of sun and feet full of bare toes, today has brought us a day full of gray skies, pouring rain, and a large dose of thunder. Such extremes can be hard to handle when you are craving open spaces and fresh air, but they are all a part of this season we find ourselves in. This season of weather and this season of life. Days like today bring a morning of wondering how I am going to survive the day with an unhappy little girl whose eyes were full of sleepiness, but who would not give in to that sensation despite many attempts of nursing, rocking, swinging, wearing, snuggling... And then an afternoon comes along and brings with it nearly four hours of napping in bed together as the rain pours down on the roof and balance is once again restored. These are the days we find ourselves in, lost hours of sleep which can sometimes be regained during the day. Meals that are sometimes missed or gobbled up early, but a belly that can be satisfied with an afternoon snack to ease the grumbles. A girl with intense emotions who is quick to let you know she is unsatisfied, but who will just as quickly melt into your shoulder while traveling to the bedroom for an afternoon snooze. There has been no other season that has been so full of extremes, but also none that has been so full of love.



  1. Beautifully said, I was jealous to see that warm weather too... and the fussiness does get better btw!

  2. So beautiful Sara. This stage is still very fresh for me. And that love, it just grows and grows xx

  3. Thank you. Also, I am glad you have come by for a visit because it led me to your blog, and while I won't have time to fully explore until a bit later, I am looking forward to your future posts. From what I can see so far I am really looking forward to reading and getting to know you while being influenced by your positive outlook, we can all use plenty of that in our lives.

  4. I am looking forward to less fussiness and more frequent smile fits, but I know we will get there in time. And the warm weather? I don't know how we got so lucky, but I'm glad to have soaked it up because it's back to freezing today.