Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Tired Girl Blues

That energy surge I was experiencing has taken a vacation for the day and this mama-to-be is sure feeling it. Getting out of bed this morning was a chore and all day I have been going through the motions with only one thing on my mind - sleep. I can only assume Nugget child is going through a growth spurt and switching into full-on grow mode. And since I'm going the caffeine-free route and am not digging the sugar, there aren't many uppers I can turn to other than fresh air, exercise, and just getting plenty of rest. Obviously the later choices are wisest to begin with, but finishing my school work on a sleep-desperate brain is not ideal, nor is nearly falling asleep at my desk during internship hours. Speaking of, a hefty little package of crack cocaine was found on the floor during said hours. As you can tell, I spend my time in super classy places. I'm sure a rock of that would have perked me right up! Oh you, I'm only kidding. The only rock going into this body is that small gravely piece that snuck in through last night's salad. 


Monday, April 9, 2012

This and That

While Nugget takes up about eighty-percent of my brain-space these days, there are so many other things happening that I lack the time to write about. So many beautiful, overwhelming - in both good and bad ways, and exciting things happening in my life. Today I will share and hope to allow myself time to do so on other days as well. 

Spring-like weather came to us early this year and is now in full force here in St. Louis. E has been busy helping my strawberry patch dreams come true. Lilly May had her own plans last year, plans which included frequent jumps over our too-short strawberry fence and lots of digging. Some plants have survived and others have been acquired, and once E finishes up with my gates the growing process will begin once again.  I have also started many seeds for our garden and hope to see more sprouts popping through the soil surface soon. So far I have one little Cucumber friend and one Goldman's Italian Tomato sprout, but the rest are taking a little more time to make their presence known. Otherwise we have been enjoying the lovely weather with open windows and doors and strolls with the pooches.

If you were a visitor to my old blog you may remember we were planning a wedding. We had scrapped our October plans and were in limbo about what we wanted to do. Well, those plans are all coming along nicely and on June the tenth we will be having a super small and exciting ceremony and dinner with a few of our nearest and dearest. Finding a dress on such super short notice and which fit all of my needs was a challenge and source of distress.  We really are not fancy folks, so finding something I could stand the thought of wearing, that would work with a six month belly, and that could make it to me in time was a challenge, but I finally have that detail in place and can move on. And move on we have. Ceremony location, dinner location, photographer, and rings are all in place and I just might even get our invitations in the mail this evening. I will definitely share more of those details post-wedding.

In other super exciting news, I will be a college graduate in just 32 days. This has been a long time coming and it is hard to put into words how thrilled I am to move on from that part of my life and to start my next adventures. There are just under five weeks left in the semester and only four weeks left at my internship. At the beginning of the semester I wasn't sure how I was going to survive it all - four classes, one internship, planning a wedding, brewing up a baby - but I have (just about) and if I can just push through for one more month I will be rewarded with so much happiness on the other side of it all.

And, as you know, one huge part of that happiness is our baby due in September. Last night we arrived home late from Easter celebrations at E's parents house and decided to whip up cupcakes to spread the word to his coworkers. I was convinced E's boss thought he was looking for another job with the various afternoons he had been taking off to go to appointments and such with me. Well now they were all delivered our news and a sugar rush hand-in-hand so no more questioning what my handsome fella is up to.

I look forward to checking in and reflecting on life happenings more often as things wind down. There is always so much happening up in my grey matter and being able to stop to reflect on it all really helps put things in perspective.

I hope everyone is well and has been having a beautiful Spring so far. If you happen to be working on any food gardening of your own I'd love to hear about it.