Friday, December 14, 2012

Just Thinking You Know

Just wanting to check in and say hello while Iz snoozes a few more minutes. Today she actually wanted a nap out of my arms, she actually insisted upon it, so I was able to finish her knit ball for Christmas. It turned out quite huge, but she will grow into it over time and it was a lot of fun to make. And now, now that I have time to actually type, I'm not quite so sure what to say. There are so many posts in my drafts folder, but there they will remain until I have a bit more time to give them. Iz has definitely calmed down a bit this past week and even fell asleep sitting in her Dad's arms while at my Mom's house last Sunday. That has never happened. Also, at home she has not been all that fussy, but still touch and go on the nap front. Yesterday she snuggled up to me napping for three hours while I read and today she only wanted to swing it seems, whatever works to get her the sleep she needs. 

I'm doing okay myself. Still struggling to find time to take care of myself as I should, but that is getting better here and there. This week I have made sure to stop for an actual lunch each day, made easier by a somewhat calmer baby, and I will try to keep building from there. I think things like showering when E's not home and working on projects will be easier to work on when she has more of a regular napping routine in the future, but for now I'm just going with it. Also, in January I am going to challenge myself to get out and about to attend La Leche League meetings, nursing mom meet-ups, first Fridays with the leader of our birth classes, and so on, just whatever I can do to get little lady and myself out of the house. I think it would be good for both of us. When it's warmer out we'll be spending a lot of time walking and exploring outdoors, but we need to be around other Moms and babies as well, so I think those places are good ones to start with, things that don't cost money, are attended by similarly minded people, and that have a relaxed breastfeeding friendly atmosphere. Making new friends as an adult is hard, and I can be really introverted at first, but I at least want to try. I really think getting out and connecting with others even once a week could make a world of a difference, even if it is hard at first. I wasn't really ready before, but now I am and I really look forward to seeing how it all goes. At least I'll keep convincing myself it's a good idea until it actually happens.

Other than that, we are good. It was wonderful having my sister here for the weekend, challenging with the dogs, but so very worth it. Talking in person rather than over the phone is so different and so much better and I really enjoyed that time together while it lasted. It was also amazing to see my two nieces again. I'm shocked by how much they have grown and changed just in the last few months. My brother and my nephew came up as well and oh man, that nephew, how do kids grow so fast? It all really makes me wonder what Iz will be like as she grows older, not only in looks, but also in personality. What will her voice sound like, what will her favorite activities be, what foods will she most prefer? I am really looking forward to getting to experience every day with her and to continue watching my other favorite little people grow as well. It really does make you feel much older once everyone starts having kids and really gives you a new perspective. And to imagine Iz could one day choose to have children herself...we won't even go there yet. 



  1. Such a sweet photo of your lovely family. Good for you for planning to get out of the house, so important for both of you. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. You all look so wonderful! And happy! :) Getting into a schedule is definitely hard... I have pushed myself super hard and it's exhausting but I am happier for it. You will get there, it all takes time. We can't be expected to understand how to do everything perfectly yet!! 11 weeks is a very short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, you will eventually be where you want to be... just takes time. :)

    You are doing so great mama!!

  3. what a sweet family photo sara!

    i hear you on the need to get out and about - winter is only just starting for us here and i'm already feeling the struggle to have enough of a routine to count on that allows for a little time out of the house with our little man. i too think ill be aiming to attend a breastfeeding support group held at our midwifery clinic once the harried holidays have passed as well as a mom & baby yoga once i get cleared to resume a little more activity. i hope you do make it out to a few groups and feel all the better for it! xo

  4. Thank you Kim. :) I do think getting out will be good for us both. It will be a bit hard for me at first, but I'm up for the challenge.

  5. Definitely exhausting, the pushing ourselves, but I do agree it makes for a happier mama. I'm glad to be able to give myself a break because you are right about it taking time, but whew, some days I just wish I had one extra hand. :)

  6. Thank you! Winter is just starting for us too and I think that makes things so much more challenging. I do think thought that even just one day out during the week, when E is at work, will make a huge difference. I'm glad to hear you are aiming to do the same. I hope you are doing well. :)