Friday, November 16, 2012

On My Mind, On My Heart

Our Kitchen Window

It is rare these days that I have the time to just sit and write, letting the words just come rather than planning ahead. With our girl keeping me very busy and my hands craving knitting needles and soft yarns rather than computer keys that leaves only a few spare moments here and there for straight from the heart sharing. Do you ever feel like one single rather simple thing would change your life in drastic ways? I am not speaking of happenings such as stumbling upon a large amount of money, but a small thing, for instance, my sister moving home. She is only four hours away right now, but often times four hours does not feel much better than forty, for it still keeps us from seeing one another very often, and now with both of us having newborn daughters at home and her already having another daughter to care for as well, our phone time is also drastically reduced. I hold out hope though because I know she will be coming back, it is just a matter of time. In under two years we will be walking through the Botanical Garden together with our kids in tow, we will be enjoying dinner together in one another's homes, we will be able to see each other on every special occasion rather than having to pick and choose. I dream of those days and while I might some day want to live in another state I don't know if we ever will because I also dream of big family picnics and seeing each others homes decorated for Christmas. I crave bringing the kids to paint pottery together and having my sister there for the birth of our next child. I am lucky that my sister is not only a sister but also a friend, and while we don't always see eye to eye on everything and both have strong personalities, I want to be able to see those eyes in person, even when we both may have a different view. Basically, I just miss her.

Otherwise, life is pleasant, it's pretty good, and yes, I can even expect a visit from my sister in early December. This week has left me feeling inspired to continue working toward living the life I imagine for myself and doing the things I love. Dinners have been prepared each evening, and while they are not always eaten while still warm it's a start. Knitting projects have been worked on a little at a time, with this ball currently in progress for our gal and many more projects being dreamed of. Dog bellies have been rubbed and a husband has been hugged and by golly, I think we are doing okay.



  1. As long as everyone (including your furry family members!) is hugged & loved, I think you're doing great!

  2. I think you are doing more than okay :) It is hard having family at a distance. Hang in there, it sounds like it won't be long before you will be close again. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Thank you friend. There is definitely lots of love going around, so I guess we're doing well. :)

  4. Thank you friend. She'll be back before Izzy is two, or at least that's the plan, so we'll just try for as many visits and phone calls as possible until then. :)

  5. Girl, sometimes I think we are twins. My sister lives 4 hours away from me too and I feel so many of the same emotions about my own sister. However, my sister isn't moving near me anytime in the distant future. You have something great to look forward to and as much as you miss her now, Izzy won't remember her not being around! :) Happy thoughts!

  6. Well we are both in Missouri...separated at birth? :) I hope you and your sister are at least able to visit often and keep in touch. I definitely know how it feels not to have them close. And you're right, Izzy won't remember and even with them being in a different city I still have a very good relationship with my niece Eloise who will be 2 this January, so hopefully my sister and Izzy can have the same.