Monday, October 29, 2012

Project: A Scarf for Mama

The week before our girl was born E and I traveled to my favorite local yarn shop to stock up on yarn for the hats I knit for him and myself and also two skeins of yarn for a special gift for my Mamba Jamba. Knowing my hands would be full once baby arrived I took full advantage of that week, finishing all three projects and burning through my yarn in about five days flat. Mamba's birthday was last weekend and when I first learned how to knit about a year and a half ago she requested "a big red scarf". So, for this birthday that is exactly what she received. 

As I am still very much a beginner I am slowly adding in new stitches and techniques as a way to challenge myself and to allow my knitting abilities to grow. This time around I found a beautiful pattern that involved cabling and gave it a go. I'm so glad I did as I love the results and had so much fun with it. I was so intimidated by cabling when I first picked up knitting, but I am so glad I added it in this time because I am in love with the technique and am shocked at how simple it is. Just goes to show that slow and steady can pay off and that I should be patient with myself, adding in more when I am ready and taking things stitch by stitch.


P.S. This pattern is called Irish Hiking Scarf and more information (plus a link) can be found on my Ravelry Page


  1. It's a perfect big red scarf! I've been a casual knitter for about 15 years but as i mentioned I never tackle cables so I'm impressed by your's :)

  2. Thank you! :) It was a lot of fun to make.

  3. Thanks! I am impressed you have been knitting 15 years! I was actually shocked at how easy cables are since I was so intimidated by it all. Just moving a few stitches here and there and then you have a beautiful outcome. I like it too because it's a super simple technique but looks really impressive if that makes any sense.