Friday, September 21, 2012

Ten Tid Bits

1. Our animals are super weird, but with the change in the weather our cat is finally acting somewhat sane again which is a huge relief. She still does things like tackling her brother into forced head baths, but that's part of her charm.

2. Last night I thought it might be go-time for having this baby, but that was a false alarm. I'm glad it happened though because it helped a bit more in the mental preparation department

3. My food has been super lame lately and I have the urge to indulge in every delicious food this weekend. I just want to eat every wonderful thing ever to exist. Realistic? Maybe not, but I'm sure I can scrounge up a few things.

4. We have been moving little things into Nugget's room and while I think we'll let the rest of the decorating and such happen a bit more organically as time passes and we gather and arrange things, I'm happy to have a happy little place to call hers.

5. I have been thinking of my post-baby plans a lot lately and right now they consist of caring for her just the best I know how, but also focusing on my creative pursuits (sewing, knitting, writing, drawing) and making sure to do things that stretch my brain. I don't think little one will mind me reading aloud from adult books, so long as I do it with varying inflections and that is definitely something I can manage.

6. I know I don't have any pants that are going to fit me once this baby has arrived and am starting to wonder what I'm going to wear now that the weather's changing, but am craving a warm pair of corduroys and a cozy cardigan for starters. Guess I'll need to figure that out.

7. I have been a knitting fool this week, having already knit a scarf and a hat for myself and making it halfway through a hat for E today. It's nice to be challenging myself with new patterns and to have something to keep me productive and busy. I'm very glad I pushed myself to take that knitting class last year and always find myself amazed at what you can do with some yarn and sticks. I have some trickier projects on the horizon as to challenge myself to learn if only I had an endless knitting supply budget.

8. Things are going pretty okay for us in a way that I feel I can relax and really enjoy this time in our lives. Far from perfection or from a place of totally carefree comfort, but I feel like we will be okay and that everything will work out one way or the other. Plus, we will always have each other and that is the most important and essential thing of all.

9. Unless our baby makes a sudden and speedy appearance in the next seven hours she will officially be born in the fall and that makes this lady super duper happy. I was hoping for that all along.

10. Truths from Ina May

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We don't have anything planned other than a midwife appointment and doing whatever strikes our fancy, so it looks like it's going to be a good one. 



  1. I LOVE Ina amazing woman and midwife. My little man is a fall baby :) Enjoy your weekend and the first day of fall.

  2. Enjoy fall! I like "whatever strikes our fancy" :) That sounds fancy! :)

  3. Haha love that first picture! Also, your knitting skills are impressive. I did a little bit of knitting, but my work always ends up as a mess somehow. Your hat is so lovely!

  4. Love that Ina May quote. She is a wise, wise lady.

    I thought about you today out of the blue and said to myself, "Hm... I'll bet that baby girl is comin' sometime soon!" If so, good luck! I am sending you positive internet-vibes. :)

  5. jess @ cupcakes and kaleSeptember 25, 2012 at 9:06 PM

    oh i love ina may! i've finally started reading her guide to childbirth and i can' she is a wonder that woman and makes me feel calm & empowered all at the same time.

    i hope you ate lots of delicious things over the weekend! i've been thinking about you and wondering if your little one might have arrived yet...

  6. Yay fall and fall babies! :) We did whatever struck our fancy and then out came baby! So wonderful. :)

  7. SUCH a wonderful woman and midwife for sure. Her books were such inspirations for me when I started finding out more about midwifery and such a few years back. I love her way of looking at things.

  8. Very wise indeed!

    You were so right! She was on her way and I'm so happy that was the case. You positive internet-vibes must have given her that extra push. :)

  9. Her guide to childbirth is a great read. I think that calm and empowered feeling is so important. Our bodies really are capable of so much and though our society seems to make people think otherwise, women are so very strong and capable. You've got this. :)

    Oh, and yes, many delicious things were devoured pre-baby-arrival. :)