Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Late Summer Adventures: Apple Picking

E has a habit of making things happen that I have had on my wish list for years and with an extra day off this weekend, he did it again. St. Louis was subject to many rain showers throughout the weekend, but we found a clear patch of rain-free time on Monday to head out on an adventure in apple picking, a first for both of us. 

There were three different kinds of apples ripe for the picking, golden delicious, red delicious, and jonathans, but after a taste test of each kind we decided to stick mostly to the goldens and came home with eleven pounds worth. I have yet to enjoy any more of them due to my stomach being on revolt today, it has really taken me down for the count, but I'm hoping to dig into our big bag of deliciousness once the belly allows for it. 

This adventure has also made me even more excited for the coming fall season and all it brings with it, baby included. E is often greeted with the words "pumpkin patch" first thing in the morning these days. Yes, it's fair to say I'm pretty excited about going, and bringing our tiny little Nugget along with us. 



  1. Yay for apple picking, we are going this week and my little man can't wait. I also can't wait to see the pics of your little one at the pumpkin patch :)

  2. This looks like fun! :) I hope you start to feel better soon... an upset stomach is the pits about now.

  3. I hope you get to dig in some more of those apples soon! And yes - I'm starting to get pumpkin patch fever too!

  4. It was such a fun non-baby-related adventure. We love those too, but it was good to just focus on us having fun for a minute. And yes on the stomach. My whole body is feeling ravaged right now, but I know it can't last forever.

  5. Me too! :) And yay pumpkin patches. I'm sure it's even more fun as kids get older, like Diego, and can enjoy it more.

  6. Oh fun! I hope you all have a great time. There will definitely be pumpkin patch pictures, although I'm sure she won't look to enthused at such a young age. Her mama will though! :)