Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Memory Jar

On a random shopping trip with my Mama I happened across this large glass jar for under five dollars. I picked it up thinking I would make one of those terrariums that seem to be all the rage these days. Once it was home and I looked into what it took to make one, well, let's just say that wasn't going to happen anytime soon, but I had something else in mind. Having heard of the idea of a memory jar I decided I would start one for us, beginning on our wedding day. The idea being that we will write down any fun memories or accomplishments and add them to our jar throughout the year.

I keep it up on the mantel with a pen and stack of card-stock pieces nearby so that either one of us can add a little slip when we feel compelled to do so, with my plan being to compile these slips into a little book for each anniversary. Not being into scrap-booking or someone that can stay consistent with required journaling, I thought this would be perfect, and I love that it is something each of us can contribute to rather than being a solitary project. 

Already this jar holds memories of our wedding, canoeing adventures, and personal accomplishments. I'm excited to see what else is added during this year and look forward to looking back at them all next June, with my fella and little gal by my side. 

If you do something similar or decided to start one for yourself I would love to hear all about it. One thing I love about this kind of project is that it is simple, low-pressure, and doesn't have to cost a dime. Using card-stock I already had on hand, leftover faux moss from our wedding, and a clearance-priced jar, ours cost just five dollars, but you could easily use a spare pitcher, a paper-covered box, a leftover sauce jar, or even a vase. It really is a simple project, but one anybody can do and a great way to capture all of the moments that seem to pass so quickly.



  1. Very cute idea. I love documenting memories too. I do a Project Life scrap book documenting each week. It's always a lot of fun to reminiscent.

  2. Such a great idea!! We will be creating one for our home soon too, thanks for sharing!

  3. My husband would totally write x rated things and throw them in there every so often to make fun of me... hopefully yours is PG!

  4. Thank you Shirley! Maybe something fun to do with the boys when they're older too? :)

  5. Great! I'm sure your little man will enjoy creating one with you, and you all are always taking plenty of adventures and making so many memories on your beautiful land, I'm sure your jar will be full of so much love.

  6. You are so awesome for doing project life. I don't have quite that dedication, so this is a nice little project I can handle instead, but I am so inspired by all the project life pages I've seen.