Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

This picture of Roxanne pretty accurately sums up our day. I knew it would be a lazy one when, this morning, I rolled over to my right and saw digitalized red numbers telling me it was already ten o'clock, something I am never in bed long enough to see these days. A combination of an indecisive bladder, an annoying barks-at-all-hours neighborhood dog, and my body's preference for becoming a night-time space heater, well, a combination of those things had me begging for those extra hours, so they were much appreciated, but threw me off all the same. 

Lest you think I am a completely lazy slug, I did in fact accomplish a bit today, you know, very important things, like recycling old Spanish flash cards, searching the entire house for my fancy colored pencils for nearly an hour without success, beginning a new drawing which has me feeling happy where it counts, and drooling over pumpkin containing recipes online. So, yes, maybe more on the slug side than the jack-rabbit side, but I am at least proud of allowing myself to just sit and draw for a bit. It's crazy to me how wonderful it really makes me feel and leaves me wondering why I don't pick up my pencil more often. Realistically I know it all goes back to my perfectionism, fears and doubts, but I really don't like that I let those things stop me, so it can be hard to own up to it. 

So here's to lazy days now and then, but more than anything, here's to doing what makes your heart sing and gives you the shivers in all the right ways. 



  1. Take those lazy days now, because they will soon be a thing of the past when your little one arrives. Enjoy!

  2. Be lazy as much as you can! I havn't had a lazy day since I had Hudson!

  3. Ha, I really should think of it that way. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  4. Yes, I must remember that. I'm excited to have her to care for and to fill my days with taking care of and spending time with her, but I'm sure I'll miss these lazy times from time to time as well. :) I'll do my best to soak them up while I can.