Monday, July 23, 2012

Five Sources of Joy

(1) Basil that just keeps giving and giving.  

(2) Silly, inquisitive, feisty, loving, and incredible little niece. I hope our little lady is just as awesome as this sweet niece of mine. 

(3) Enjoying time outdoors while E waters the garden, the dogs wrestle, and the sun starts giving us a break from the extreme heat of the day. 

(4) Continuing to create simple meals at home. Sweet Potato Dal on this occasion. 

(5) So many cucumbers flowing from our garden, the joy of knowing they were tiny seeds just months ago, and a husband who helps to wash them clean. Plus, these very vegetables were made into four quarts of bread and butter pickles which provide joy from both enjoying them ourselves and sharing them with others.



  1. Such lovely sources of joy. Your niece is adorable and your baby belly just keeps getting more beautiful.

  2. I would love to have a garden to grow vegetables in! Now I only have a small balcony :)

  3. It's definitely nice after having lived in an apartment for so long. I feel like each year we are learning a little more and although I know I'll have my hands full with our kiddo next spring, I have big plans for trying to make it all come together and using the yard space we have to our advantage. I'd definitely recommend some balcony gardening though. ;)