Friday, July 6, 2012

Five Sources of Joy

This edition of five sources of joy is all about my little family, all seven of us.

(1) Love this little goober. He is always up for a snuggle, has the funniest expressions, and would do just about anything for food. Each time dinner comes around he puts on quite a show with twirls and spins of excitement.

(2) Roxanne has taken to cuddling on the nugget bump. I always wondered if the animals would act differently once I became pregnant and this is the first sign I've received. Little lady was kicking up a storm and Rox was bumping up and down but she just nestled right in for a good couple of hours. 

(3) This purple tongued loon. She has been acting especially crazy due to her fear of fireworks, but no matter what I love this gal. After seven years together we have been through a lot and she always ends the day with sweet love that helps erase the memories of her more neurotic behavior.  

(4) Spending my fourth of July morning with the one I love most, exploring by the Missouri river on a driftwood collecting adventure. Any time spent together with my love is a joy-maker.

(5) Goofy Jasperillo Armadillo. He is my sweet, snuggly, energy-filled dude, always up for keeping my company, cuddling close when I need it most, and just bringing us joy with his wonderful personality each day. 

Bonus number six. These first little goodies from our garden. Our plants have been taking a hit with the nonstop heat wave and lack of rain, but we are tending to it the best we can and looking forward to the break in the weather that's due to visit us on Sunday.

As you can see, this week my heart is most filled with the joy that comes from spending time with my family. We are quite the goofy crew, but I wouldn't have it any other way. What is bringing you joy this week?



  1. I wondered as well if our cats would react at all to the growing belly! My friend had a dog who she said "just knew somehow" and became very protective of her and never left her side while she was pregnant. So far our cats haven't really acted differently around me - besides looking dismayed as my stomach gets bigger and my lap space gets smaller. :)

    Family is so good!

  2. Love your whole fuzzy fam!  And your veggies make me want to start my own garden :)  May sound cheesey but my babies are bringing me a lot of joy this week.  I'm just glad we're all back together after a week of vacation.  So nice to have normalcy again.

  3. Love all your furry family members.  And fresh veggies from the garden, hope you enjoyed them :)

  4. Thank you! We love having all of our crazy furry ones around. And the veggies are definitely being enjoyed. A couple more cucumbers were added to the pile and we have our first jar of fridge pickles chilling as we speak, very delicious.

  5. Oh you should! We don't have a ton growing this year, but even having a few things is so rewarding. And I don't think your babies bringing you joy is cheesy at all. Vacations are fun and it's nice to get away, but the everyday life and routing should not be underrated. 

  6. Ha. Cats are so moody that I can just imagine the look of befuddlement as their lap space slowly disappears. :) So far our dogs are just acting like their normal crazy selves, so I guess they don't really know what's going on. They'll sure be shocked here in a couple months!