Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thoughts On Graduation

On May 12th I graduated from University. This time in my life is a happy one, one full of wonderful changes and a wide open future that I can shape as I wish. That should all be inspiring and fill me with hope, and as much as it does, it is also quite daunting.

Now, rather than having any structure to my days, having a never-ending to-do list of assignments, readings, papers and projects, I have endlessly open and empty days to fill. At first this seems like a dream come true, and in many ways it is lovely, but at the same time, I crave a bit of structure, crave a bit of routine, and crave feeling useful and fulfilled.

I realize all of these cravings can be fulfilled, but also must admit it is quite a hard puzzle to crack.  With our small wedding being only five days away I have been able to fill my mind and hands with preparing for Sunday, but what happens when the dust settles, when I am left alone at home, waiting for baby to arrive and with months full of unstructured days staring me down? 

I don't think I will solve this puzzle in a week, a month, or even a longer stretch of time, but I do think it is possible to find a new routine which can provide the fulfillment, joy, and routine I am craving.

This process will take time and energy and an ability for me to face down my own insecurities, doubts and feelings of not being good enough, the ability to face them head on, being willing to fail and finding motivation enough to keep on going even when things do not go as planned, for as we all know they so often do not.

Thankfully I have the finest fella to stand by my side and help me along this new journey. We are heading into uncharted territory hand in hand, becoming parents, a one-income family, and ever-closer friends as we go. When I am feeling down or unable to find what I am looking for he helps to shed some much needed light onto the situation and into my soul. For him, I am thankful, and while I know this post-graduation journey has a lot in store for me, I know I can handle it with him by my side.



  1. I don't think I knew your wedding was so close!  I look forward to seeing pics of how the lovely event turns out!  You definitely have quite a post-graduation journey ahead of you ;)

  2. Congrats!! On the graduating and the wedding!  I love that red dress on you!  And you're right, he is pretty fine!
    P.S. This is going to sound weird, but I love how you (usually) take pictures barefoot! You never see that on blogs (Well, I only keep up with like 10-15...), everyone is hawkin' shoes from sponsors.  Anyways. Big hug, have a wonderful wedding day.  =)

  3. Congratulations on your graduation! I finished university nearly three years ago (I studied at university for a looooong time, almost 10 years, eep) and I still feel a delicious freedom to be able to sit and be lazy and not have to think about an assignment or deadline. It's such a big adjustment but it's fun to start a new stage of life with new routines. You'll have lots to keep you busy with your wedding and baby on the way :)

  4. Congrats!! Can't wait to see wedding pics :)

  5. Thanks Bea. I'll be sure to share photos after the wedding, once they are shared with us. :)

  6. Thank you and belated congratulations to you as well. I was on a similar path, having graduated from high school 9 years ago. Isn't it nice to finally be done? I am looking forward to those new routines and stages of life. Right now it all still seems so new and unreal, but I know I will find a new rhythm soon. 

  7. Thank you thank you thank you. Ha, the barefoot-ness comes naturally I must say. Shoes leave my feet every chance I get and when it is warm out it is all barefoot and happy, or sandals when footwear is required. :) 

  8. We had originally planned the wedding for the fall, but then decided we didn't want to wait for babies, did the deed, took the test, and moved up the date. ;) I can't wait to share more post-celebration. We are keeping things super tiny so it isn't a big to-do, but it will still be beautiful and wonderful.