Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Post-Wedding Adventures: Museum of Transportation

With baby girl on the way and being a bit tighter on finances my fella and I weren't able to get out of town for our week of post-wedding fun, but E did take the week off work for us to spend together on local adventures, hanging out with our furry kiddos, and stocking up on snuggle time. 

One day of our week E led the way with a trip to the Museum of Transportation. This is not the kind of place I would typically pick, but that is one more thing I love about E. We are so alike on the big things that matter most, but also each have a number of our own interests which allows for plenty of adventures the other would not have experienced if we did not have each other. 

The displays were mostly of trains and while I am not that into engineering I still found a lot of the exhibits to be interesting and educational and am glad we made it there. Plus, I love admiring all of the old train signage and watching E take everything in. I can also appreciate the fact that E's desires next led us to a lunch of veggie sushi at our favorite little spot where we proceeded to devour our weight in sweet potato tempura rolls, edamame, and plenty of ice water for me. 

Not a bad way to spend the day with my new husband.

Have you been on any fun adventures so far this summer?



  1. Beautiful pictures! I've been popping in, but it's been so long since I've commented I didn't really know where to start... How about this? CONGRATULATIONS!!!! On pretty much everything, Fantastic Lady! You look gorgeous and so content! I'm so happy for you and E! The wedding pictures you posted are beautiful! No more school for you either!!!! That's a fist bump right there...I swear I'll be going til I die.

    I have to say, that it makes me happy to read about all your adventures. And a little envious - I wish I had my self together like you. I'm usually a hot mess over here! lol! I couldn't even imagine balancing all the stuff you managed to over the last two years. But you did it! Now....settle down with a good book for a few and relax!!! You earned it! ♥

  2. Thanks Colleen. We are super happy with how and where everything is going. I promise there is an end in sight with school! I graduated high school in 2003 and just now got around to getting my Bachelor's, so I know the feeling.

    I promise I'm probably not as together as it looks! Maybe the day to day things, but I'm still battling my own self to be more productive and motivated on a daily basis. Definitely way better than a couple years ago though, and I guess that's something! And yes, I promise much relaxation. I'm a library addict and have just fulfilled my latest craving, so I'm sure there will much good book reading going on around here. :)