Friday, June 8, 2012

Five Sources of Joy

(1) Simple tasty lunches that leave me feeling satisfied. 

(2) Cucumbers grown from seed that are now ready to grasp on to the first leg of their trellis. 

(3) Leaving surprise love notes for each other. Something we do rather sporadically, but that brings a smile to the face of it's receiver each and every time. 

(4) Crafting projects for our wedding. The costs are not always that much lower than buying something pre-made, but the benefits of personalization and satisfaction for having created it ourselves are priceless. 

(5) Waffles. E bought us a maker earlier this year and I think we will have to break it out again during our post-wedding week of adventures.



  1. so glad that you have started blogging!! Now I am craving waffles :) I have started blogging again

  2. Thanks so much Bea. It's nice to be back and sharing again.