Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Sources of Joy

 (1) Fresh bouquets of flowers to brighten up my home.

(2) Warm platters of chocolate chip cookies to satisfy the sweet tooth's of those who pass through. 

(3) Moments spent with a little gal who reminds me of how simple life should be and who can make me laugh and smile in three seconds flat. 

(4) Sharing our home with four furry critters and having an especially big lug who enjoys stealing our seats while also dishing out the sweetest kind of canine-specific love. 

(5) Looking forward to those many more happy years to come.



  1. Your big doggie is so cute! I love how they try to fit on chairs like they are much smaller :)

  2. That dog looks like a total snugglebug! Also, now I want chocolate-chip cookies.

  3. He is such a good snugglebug. If I'm crying or upset he comes and pushes right into me and won't leave my side. Such a sweet boy. And those cookies? Gluten free and vegan even! A couple of friends gave me a bunch of mixes and some baking sheets for a graduation gift so I am slowly working my way through them all. :)

  4. He is just the sweetest boy too, sure love that dude. :)

  5. these photos are definitely full of joy!  especially that beautiful little girl :)  

  6. She is quite the wonderful little lady. :)