Monday, May 7, 2012

Sex Tests

I never got around to doing all of the sex predictors prior to finding out if Nugget was a boy or girl, but I have the time now, so I wanted to share the results today before sharing our ultrasound results later this week. Let's see which ones are right and which ones are wrong!

First up is the Baking Soda Sex Test:

With this test you put a spoonful of baking soda in the bottom of a glass and add urine. If it fizzles like soda you are said to be having a boy. No fizzle means girl. My cup just sat flat with no fizzles even after some stirring, so this test says: GIRL

Next is the Chinese Calendar Sex Predictor :

This test is based off of your age when you conceive and also the month of conception. I found this particular test on, plugged in my numbers and the results say: GIRL

Third is the Red Cabbage Sex Test:

This test requires cutting up two cups of red cabbage and boiling it in two cups of water. Bring it all to a boil, simmer 10-15 minutes and strain, reserving the liquid. You will have a beautiful dark purple water. Once cooled mix equal parts water and urine. If the color is pink or red you are said to be carrying a boy and if it is purple you are said to be carrying a girl. My results were definitely purple so that means: GIRL

And lastly is the Heart Rate Wives Tale:

The heart rate wives tale says that if your little one's heart trate is below 140 you are having a boy and if it is above 140 you are having a girl. Thursday is the first time we were actually given a heart rate and this one is close with Nugget giving us a 141, but in the end it says: GIRL


I honestly cannot believe all of these tests had the same results. You all know the only feeling I had was boy and many of you and others I talked to have predicted the same, so it's funny to see all of these screaming girl.

Regardless, these were a lot of fun to do, urine and all! Make sure to check back (maybe as soon as tomorrow...have to make sure everyone has received their surprises in the mail) and I will announce if these predictions ring true or if they are oh so terribly off. 



  1. I don't know but I'm getting the girl vibe from you too.  I did all the tests and they all came out girl for me too (for the most part) and of course they were wrong.  But still, I think these tests are right with you.  Am I right, or am I right?  LOL.  Patiently waiting for you to spill the beans...

  2. welll......both of my boys were always 'girls' when it came down to the heart rate test. :) but  i never tried any of the others besides the  chinese calendar, and it said boy for owsley. (didn't try it for gage.)

  3. oh, and i'm still staying boy for you. can't wait to hear what you're actually having! :) 

  4. I think it's so funny that ALL of your tests say girl. Usually there's at least one odd one that doesn't agree! The Chinese calendar said Westley is a girl, and claims my girl is a boy! (I wonder if my birthday being in January before Lunar New Year messes with the "age" number.)

  5. Isn't it crazy?! I figured there would at least be some sort of differentiation. These things are so funny, but I figured, hey, why not, even if I DO already know. :)

  6. The heart rate test kills me only because I'm sure it differs depending what the baby is up to and all too, so who knows. Still fun to do, but kinda silly at the same time. Check back tomorrow for the news! :)

  7. Are you right, or are you? Only tomorrow will tell. ;) 

  8. Haha. This post is so great! I can't get over how matter-of-fact you were about mixing your bodily fluids with food products. Just to be different, I'll say you're having a boy. :)

  9. It was all for the greater good! :) Check back a little later today and the truth will be revealed!