Friday, May 18, 2012

Hand-knits for Nugget

Now, I am no expert knitter, only learning the basics around a year ago, but when I found out we had our own little bean on the way I had to break out the needles and remind myself just how to cast-on. I have been taking it stitch by stitch since then.

Prior to finding out our little one is a girl I started with a neutral brown yarn to create the tiniest of hats. Using a simple pattern from Ballee on Ravelry I cast on and created the simple cap below. I should also note that I am pretty tight with my stitches so cast on a few more than advised and adjusted as needed, those adjustments seemed to work out well and I think this should do the trick for keeping her noggin warm.

The above cap was finished just in time to find out we were having a girl and with that knowledge I journeyed to the craft store and found some new colors to work with, resulting in the little purple and teal cap below. This time I followed the pattern a bit more closely while still adjusting for my tight knitting style. 

These types of projects are rewarding with their quick results and a good way to dip my toes back into the knitting world, but now I am on the hunt for a simple baby blanket for our girl. That project will be much more labor intensive with thousands more stitches being required, but I look forward to getting started. Now it is just about finding the right pattern and acquiring the needed yarn. Luckily I have a willing helper to roll my yarn into balls if needed. Yep, definitely a keeper.


In Addition: Please excuse the clutter around the blog for the next few days. Now that I finally have more time I am trying to make the place feel more like home and for some reason my post are not cooperating with back-dating. 

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  1. Pregnant or not, I love knitting baby hats because they're just so quick (and adorable)! My favorite is the "Umbilical Cord Hat" from 'Stitch 'N Bitch.'

    I started knitting a baby blanket (that will NEVER be finished, I tell you!), but I wish I had seen this one first. So gorgeous!

  2. I'll have to look for that hat pattern. They use such a small amount of yarn and come together so quickly that it is hard to resist knitting an entire pile of hats. 

    Good luck on finishing your own baby blanket. I'm sure it because a lot more challenging when already caring for one child. I have been scouting Ravelry for just the right blanket, and now I've added your linked one to the list, but I'm having trouble settling on which one to start. Luckily I have plenty of other projects to keep me busy until I decide, but I'm afraid if I don't start soon than it might not happen.

  3. I did so much knitting while I was pregnant! It was a great way to pass the time while I was resting but wanted something to do with my hands. You're lucky because there are so many cute things you can knit for a baby girl (cardigans! little booties! eep!).

    These two hats were my favourites to knit, they were so easy:

  4. Those hats are lovely. Baby knitting is the best.

  5. I absolutely love your hat ideas. I might just have to make a bunny one for spring, she'll be about 6 or so months old then. And yes on the cute things for baby girls. I need to find some simple cardigan patterns to throw into the mix. 

  6. Thank you! I have plenty more knitting to do, but these were a nice way to get back into the swing of things. 

  7. I love this!!!  So many special little treasures you will make for your baby!!

  8. Thank you friend! I hope to make many more post-wedding. :)