Friday, May 11, 2012


Reading: So many things. Now that schoolwork is complete I can finally eat up all of the books I have been wanting to read. Right now my stack includes The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta, Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman, and The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson. Also, I just finished All New People by Anne Lamott yesterday and it left a good feeling in my soul. I love the way that woman writes.

Watching: Not a lot. I am a fan of Grey's Anatomy and that is the only show E and I regularly keep up on. Other than that we have been watching random episodes of silly teen dramas (my favorite kind!) online or on netflix on the nights we feel like lounging. For instance, Make It or Break It, Switched at Birth, Gossip Girl, Teen Mom and so on. I spend enough time in my head so sometimes I just need to zone out with a mindless episode of silliness.

Thinking About: So many things for this one too. Finances have been on my mind quite a bit, but I know we will figure it all out. Gardening has also been occupying my mind space in a wonderful way. Beyond that one of the largest things on my mind is tackling our birth plan and care provider situation now that my schooling and internship are behind me and I can really dig into everything.

Anticipating: Graduation! I graduated from high school nine years ago and traveled down some windy roads along the way, yet tomorrow I will dress up in the funniest type of gown and finally receive my Bachelor's degree. Even sooner than that I am anticipating picking my love up from the airport tonight. I am so excited to shower that fella with love.

Listening To: The Mountain Goats. I have also been listening to quite a bit of The Lumineers lately. I love me some folky just-right tunes.

Eating: Everything I can get my paws on. That is not quite true, but I have been feeling awfully hungry. This time of year I always want a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, so I am looking forward to filling my belly with plenty of that goodness, but this afternoon I settled for a single bowl of strawberries and half of a Builder's bar. Not exactly the protein+fruit combo I was hoping for, but it should hold me over until supper.

Working On: A plan. Now that everything is suddenly coming to an end I will have a lot of unstructured time to work with and I want to take advantage of this time and not let it get me feeling down-in-the-dumps. There are plenty of wedding details, house projects, and Nugget Girl projects to work on, so I see some self-imposed deadlines and structure on the horizon. Trust me, it is for my own good.

Wishing: For everyone to chill out, stop judging, and to realize that love is more important than materials any day of the week.


P.S. Linking up with Danielle for this weekly reflection.

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