Monday, May 21, 2012

Basil Cashew Cheese: Easy and Delicious

My basil has been thriving and growing at quite a quick pace, so this Saturday I was able to have my first harvest. I ended up with at least two cups worth of leaves and since I refuse to let any of my favorite herb go to waste I got to cooking. Although, to be fair, the following recipe involves no heat and comes together very easily.

Ingredients Needed:
-1.5 cups of raw cashews, soaked for four hours
-1 tsp fresh pressed or grated garlic
-2 tbsp lemon juice
-salt and pepper as desired
-3/4 cup fresh basil leaves

(Original recipe source)

Once cashews are soaked and ready you drain them and throw them into a food processor, processing until they are ground up relatively well. At that point, add the other ingredients and process again until smooth. Next, line a small bowl or container with plastic wrap and fill your mold, first adding crushed pepper into the bowl if desired. Wrap the remaining areas of cheese so that it is fully covered and place in fridge to set and for the flavors to mingle. When you are ready to enjoy, remove the plastic wrap and place on a platter to be enjoyed with crackers, bread, fruit, or whatever your heart desires. I think this would taste wonderful spread on a piece of crusty bread and topped with the thinest slices of sweet apple.

I had this at a party nearly two years ago and am happy to say that now that I have made it for myself that I will be making it many more times. This would be perfect to put out at a dinner party or bring to a summer potluck. 

Oh, and the rest of our basil? It was whirled up with some olive oil and tossed with pasta for Saturday night's dinner. Topped with diced organic tomatoes it was a perfect light and simple warm-weather meal.

Do you have any favorite uses for basil? I am looking forward to a summer of basil-filled creations. Basil mint lemonade is on my radar, but I am sure to have plenty to go around.



  1. This looks delish, planning to try it soon :)

  2. Man, I love basil.  That looks mighty delicious!  I love it in pasta.  There is a sandwich shop by my work that mixes it into their mayonnaise.  I'm in LOVE with basil in my sammies!

  3. I thought of you when I made it due to it's vegan and soy free properties! :)

  4. Yay! Definitely delicious and so simple to throw together.

  5. Mmm. Basil mixed with mayo sounds great. I use veganaise and I think it would work great in that, so thanks for the idea. :)