Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Tired Girl Blues

That energy surge I was experiencing has taken a vacation for the day and this mama-to-be is sure feeling it. Getting out of bed this morning was a chore and all day I have been going through the motions with only one thing on my mind - sleep. I can only assume Nugget child is going through a growth spurt and switching into full-on grow mode. And since I'm going the caffeine-free route and am not digging the sugar, there aren't many uppers I can turn to other than fresh air, exercise, and just getting plenty of rest. Obviously the later choices are wisest to begin with, but finishing my school work on a sleep-desperate brain is not ideal, nor is nearly falling asleep at my desk during internship hours. Speaking of, a hefty little package of crack cocaine was found on the floor during said hours. As you can tell, I spend my time in super classy places. I'm sure a rock of that would have perked me right up! Oh you, I'm only kidding. The only rock going into this body is that small gravely piece that snuck in through last night's salad. 



  1. Not sure why but my phone wasn't letting me post a comment. :( I just wanted to say: Mama bear needs to get lots of rest where she can & no crack for you! LOL

    1. Ha, an officer came and took the crack away, darn it! :) And I think I need to keep more blankets on the couch for spontaneous nap times. We'll see how that goes! :)