Friday, February 24, 2012

A New Berry for the Bunch

I should come clean right away, that is the purpose of giving myself room to breathe, a main reason being the freedom to speak openly and release all of the thoughts that have been occupying my mind since finding out on January 10th, that this very year I will become a mother.

Yes, my wish has been granted, the stars have aligned, there is a human growing in my uterus. Wait, what? Yes, a human growing in my uterus. You know, it is one of those things you think of and dream of and imagine in all the ways you know how, but until it is happening, until it is real, there is no way to grasp the enormity of it all. This was very much planned for, desired, and anticipated, yet here we are and I am blown away by the emotions that visit me daily. My preoccupation with school, my current internship, and planning our small June wedding has kept me from fully grasping all that is happening, but it is very much real, very much amazing, and very freak-out inducing, all wrapped into one little growing fetus in my nether regions.

As of today our little skin critter is 10 weeks and 2 days. We are a quarter of the way there already, which is hard to believe. Imaging what will await us in 30 weeks, give or take, is enough to keep my mind busy until that very day, yet at the same time, just as I could not understand the feeling of pregnancy becoming a reality, holding our baby, a baby that combines the silly, strong, handsome fella I love and myself, looking at a little face that will witness all of my faults and my achievements, that part, that understanding, it will have to wait as well. We all have a lot of growing to do before that day and when it comes we may not know what we are in for, but we will be eager to jump in, expecting to come out with our own share of bumps and bruises as we travel along our own journey of parenthood.